Walking the Length of Manhattan

Yesterday I took the 1 train to 225th Street and walked south across the bridge from the Bronx to Manhattan. Then I followed Broadway all the way to the southern tip. Manhattan is a particularly vibrant and colorful place this time of year. Total time? 6 hours, but there were lots of pit stops along the way.

The bridge that leads into Manhattan is decidedly low-key and not busy at all on a Friday morning.
Broadway, one of the oldest streets in the city, continually has this feeling of being stuck in multiple eras. Here, a type of stone archway is engulfed by apartment buildings and a commercial strip mall.
For a few blocks, the 1 train actually comes above-ground and follows Broadway before disappearing back under the morass.
This 72nd Street station’s iconic look really pulls together this Upper West Side area.
Wouldn’t be NYC in the summer without some nonsensical road work.
Guy on the sign looks like he’s scared of the beautiful lady shouting and weeping below.
Can you tell which ones have real feathers?